Beach House

Once Twice Melody Chapter 1

by Carter Barnsback

Beach House released the first chapter of their four-chapter 8th album Once Twice Melody on November 10th. This may just be Beach House’s most enigmatic album to date, and there’s still three more chapters to release. The duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally expand on their soothing synths and soaring lullaby-like vocals to create an ethereal masterpiece that transcends the listener to far-off dream-pop worlds of ephemerality. The four tracks are backed by steady pulsating beats that drive the melodies onwards while pleasantly accompanied by a string ensemble that gives a truly cinematic feel of grandiose to the album. One can’t help but be reminded of Portishead’s The Rip when listening to the title track Once Twice Melody, that tells the story of a woman lounging in a summer haze lost in thoughts of utopia. Whether you’re an avid Beach House listener or you only know about them through Space Song’s Tik Tok prominence, there is something for everyone on this EP.