Hi! My name is Colton Game, and I’m vice president and siterunner here at the Woove. I also DJ at the radio station on Wednesdays from 12AM-2AM as DJ Crouton. I’m currently majoring in sociology here at Virginia Tech, with a minor in psychology as well.

I grew up in Virginia Beach, and I also attended Tidewater Community College before transferring to Tech as a junior in 2022. As a kid I played drums, though that’s a hobby I’ve largely had to drop since starting college.

Being part of the Woove (and WUVT as a whole) has made my time in Blacksburg absolutely amazing. Seeing our final products, as well as the excitement for what’s to come makes me incredibly proud of the group I’ve become a part of. Hopefully there are more album reviews and artist interviews to come!

Looking to contact me? Email me at!, or DM me on Instagram @coltoncore!