Well hello, hello, hello, thanks so much for checking out my page, I’m Nich Powell but also Nixon Ferno but also the president of The Woove/Editor-in-Chief of WUVT. You may see me around campus and absolutely you may say hi! You also may not see me on campus as I imagine a majority of WUVT’s following tends to lean towards creativity-geared learning and I am on the EXACT opposite side of campus in the CNRE buildings (however i do spend an unreasonable amount of time in squires). I am majoring in meteorology with a minor in geography and will be a senior for the 23’-24’ school year.

If I had a nickel every time I have been asked if meteorology deals with space I would have about enough to pay for a VT textbook (a gazillion dollars) but no, it’s the weather! I have always been obsessed with the weather since i was a lad and am very excited to have an opportunity to make a career with it! I plan to go into forecasting, so if you keep up with me there’s, hopefully, a good chance you’ll see on television one day!

Outside of school one of my biggest hobbies is music (SHOCKER). I know I know who doesn’t like music? However, music revolves around pretty much everything I do and it always has! Growing up I was tapping my hands and feeling rhythms before I could ask for juice. Throughout my younger years (i feel so old saying that) I played saxophone for 8 of them and implemented my #skills in my high schools marching band. Band kid?! yeah yeah whatever. Anywho I am currently learning drums in hopes of one day playing live somewhere somehow because live music is the greatest thing I have ever experienced. Leading to my next point, I try to go to as many live shows as possible, whether they’re major artists I’ve followed for years or the local Blacksburg scene. I cannot get enough of live music and it will forever be a core part of my being. I also have an ever-expanding record collection (little slim at the moment) but collecting has become a hobby in and of itself. I took a trip to London this summer and all I could think about was going to Rough Trade! Lastly, that’s another big, vague hobby of mine: traveling. I can’t stand the same ol’ same ol’ and I need a change of environment constantly. I plan to incorporate my hobbies and my career into traveling and hopefully make it work, because god knows I am not meant for small-town living.

In short, that’s me! Many more layers to peel but you’ll have to reach out (if you love cats PLEASE REACH OUT!) If you want links to any of my social medias I’ll have them below, but for now stay tuned and lookout for The Woove because we’re blowing things out of the water this year! Peace!