Hey y'all! My name is Sage Miles, and I’m the art director for the wonderful Woove. I’m currently a sophomore studying animal and poultry science at Virginia Tech. 

In addition to the Woove, I’m also a part of WUVT’s artist, which allows me to make some cool art pieces for promo and events we hold :p  Along with that, in my free time, I’m a freelance photographer *cough* cough* follow @sage__photos on insta *cough* cough* I also love going on hikes and to concerts.

I love being a part of the Woove and of WUVT in general. These organizations have let me meet some of the coolest people ever and collaborate on some amazing ideas :)

If you have any questions regarding photography, art, animals, and even philosophy, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my email