Snow Strippers

April Mixtape 3

by Kameron Martinez

This was a very pleasing listen.

The album delivers exciting electro-clash bangers one after another, specifically the amazing opener "Again," and "I'm on my own". It feels like a Euro Rave for every single minute of the album. It sounds like a 3am night in Amsterdam in the Red Light District off hella drugs. The vibes are good and never boring. People dancing and chatting your ear up and you don't even know what the fuck they are saying. Spark that red up. Two artists that come to mind with this sound are Brutalismus 3000 and Crystal Castles - and they had a baby with good ideas and the future. Most euro rave albums can get repetitive with subpar ideas and mixing on the vocals, but this is not the case. Every minute was in that vibe. The vocals standout well. The ideas are catchy and dark, but also happy, if you know what I mean. A song that replicates this sound  exactly is "Like to Complicate." Some songs you can just dance your ass off to, the energy and aura is crazzzyyy. This is definitely an improvement upon their last two mixtapes while keeping the same sound and formula up, they kept it interesting, and... better. This is pure euro rave gold. "It's Goin Bad" is a straight up club banger. Sometimes there is also a lack of emotion in the album which is much needed to keep the song steady. It's just a nasty atmosphere, cold-toned, iced in electro rave, I CANT SAY IT ENOUGH!!! DRUGGED OUT MANNN, WAS IT EUPHORIC OR DEPRESSING??!! It felt like a good live DJ. PUT IT ON THE TV.

Spaces out rave. Feel it. Nice bass bro. To end it off, "Don't You Feel" was the best song. ;).

However there are also low lights to the album, some of the songs had unneeded ad-libs, obnoxious high pitched vocals, and I was not a big fan of Uzi’s feature.