Travis Scott


by Kameron Martinez

Travis delivered with an ethereal, dark, and vibey album. Opening up with a strong sample from the song "Proclamation" by Derek Shulman, frontman of British progressive rock band Gentle Giant, with lyrics that state their goal to make the most of what they’ve got. The album started off great with hard, banging drums and flows on "HYAENA" and swinging bells in "THANK GOD." The ending sample on "HYAENA" is pleasing and fits the album’s theme, delivering some cutthroat flows. Travis had an all-star lineup with producers and features and they did not disappoint, from SZA’s strong atmospheric presence,  Future’s reclined flow on "TELEKINSIS,” and 21 Savage’s multiple verses throughout the album. The theme was there, staying consistent and not veering off into something displeasing. Star-studded lineups can often distract us from the targeted atmosphere, but Travis had a vision set, and he achieved it. There was nothing off-putting about the features. No genre mish mash mess. I appreciate the neo-psychedelia on the album. "LOST FOREVER" was for sure my favorite song, the sample on that song ("Don't Be So Nice" by Chuck Senrick)
and the Westside Gunn feature was just absolutely fucking awesome. "TOPIA TWINS" will be a song I put on repeat with more merciless flows from Trav and Rob. "LOOOVE" was also another standout track with a great groove and lasers,
intergalactic like Kid Cudi ;). Shout out to Queen Bey on "DELRESTO," it was the perfect vibe for her and Travis. I also really enjoyed the feel of “MODERN JAM,” produced by none other than Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, my GOAT.

The frequent beat switches are cool (most of the time), though they could feel oversaturated and overused. It got old. Some of the tracks, like "GOD’S COUNTRY" and "PARASAIL" had very dissatisfying payoffs for such long buildups. “K-POP” was just a commercial throw on the album, I didn't like it, it’sass. Some of the songs also had some emptiness to them, such as “MY EYES,” it was very boring to listen to, I wasn’t a big fan of the beat nor the vocals going on. It was very boring stuff, no offense. “I KNOW ?” had a very boring beat and its lyrics weren’t too creative.

Those criticisms are the only problems I have with the album. Everything was cohesive. Travis stuck to his strengths and it paid off. Great experimental production, especially on tracks "CIRCUS MAXIMUS" and "MELTDOWN", with a lot of payoff and satisfying sounds. Autotuned Travis will never fail. Shout out to the GOAT Mike Dean.